Giving my idea a name – nightmare

Naming my Business Idea and giving it a Logo it deserves – Not that easy after all! 


Over the past few months I was trying to come up with a suitable name for my business idea. I can tell you, it is quite tough!! It is like naming your newborn. I mean you want others to remember your child’s name and not create a platform for it to be teased, don’t you? Now I know what parents-to-be have to go through!

So I decided for Bread Box – It is short, contains the word ‘Bread’ and has a rustic and artisan feel to it, don’t you think? But does it imply a new wave of brunch? Or German Bread recipes?  I practise in my own time…Shall we go to Bread Box for Brunch? Coffee at Bread Box?

Other ideas for a name include:

German Bird (kinda funny and I liked the associations with a free bird)
Eggcellent (self-explanatory)
Brotzeit (english: Bread Time)
Kater (German for hangover but also refers to the male cat (hmpf!))
Morning Glory (cheeky!)
Brünch (love the German Umlaut)

I put it to a vote! Which name is your favourite?

Please feel free to get creative and come up with any suggestion of your own. I already had some great brainstorming sessions with a few friends of mine and perhaps they would like to come forward and share some of their ideas with everyone here? The winner will be awarded generously in one way or another 😉

Concept & Logo Design

Despite me having completed an interior design course not too long ago (took me TWO years!!), I was not convinced I could come up with something amazing on my own. And I was still working full time, which didn’t help! I needed some professional assistance!

I remember from my final days at University that we had to write a Final Project/Thesis based on a ‘real’ project with ‘real’ clients. Why not do the same! I approached KLC  and a few other interior design colleges in London to inquire about the possibility of having one of their final-year students help me with my project. A win-win situation. I created an advert and received great responses. I met with three candidates and chose Adam who had just graduated. He had prepared this amazing sketch book for me all about Brunch. Winner!




Following a few meetings and brainstorming sessions we came up with a mood board and logo.


  20141008_120212 20141008_120149

I wanted to have a slightly chunky letter font, again resembling the rustic and artisan feel to my concept. I love the light green because it creates a sense of freshness. The ‘B’ on the right is based on the idea of having an emblem, which can also be used alone and customers still associated it with my Bread Box cafe.

Bread Box without B

Brunch Box with B

But now I am curious to know what YOU think about it! I look forward to reading your comments!


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  2. Wow what in a name. But yes it is everything. You want to to convey so much. But at the same time appear aloof and cool. I have one or two ideas. What about Breadfast? Has the bread bit but also is a play on breakfast which is of course what you will be serving. The other was bread and breakfast but I think this one is a bit cheesy. Anyway still dig your quinoa porridge. And see you at the next create session…


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