Berlin Intro

As you know I was born and raised in Berlin and left my beloved home city at 18 to discover the world! I must admit, I have lost touch with this city! Every time I come for a visit, things have changed, some for the better some for the worse. I feel like a tourist in my own city which makes me sad a bit but at the same time it is exciting to re-discover it all over again.

Berlin has become extremely popular worldwide for its creative scene and cultural offer and the hype is growing. A creative and cool Berlin has started to evolve in the 90s with experimental arts and techno music. Gentrification is taking place now transforming some areas of Berlin in proper hipster paradises.

Klaus Wowereit, governing Mayor of Berlin (2001 until 2014) aka ‘Wowi’ helped to make Berlin what it is now! Two catchphrases are cited over and over again when it comes to ‘Wowi’s’ and his legacy. The first was ‘I am gay and that is just fine’, which helped mainstream acceptance of homosexuality in Germany greatly – the gay capital Berlin was born.   The second one was Berlin – ‘Poor but Sexy’. This one captured Berlin’s way of life: attractive but not pretentious, young and creative but penniless for the time being. The other day I heard someone say ‘ Berlin isn’t, Berlin wants to be’. Who knows what Berlin wants to be but I am very curious to see what happens next in this beautiful city, which I called once home.


I am sad to say I missed a lot of what has been going on in this city. But in all these years away from home (it’s been 10 years now!!), I never felt home sick. I always enjoyed coming back for a visit and I know for sure that I will return back home one day, when the time is right!

Until then I am going full steam ahead with my food projects in London. I have come to Berlin this time, not only to see my family and friends but also to discover Berlin’s Brunch and pop up scene, which will heavily influence my all-day Brunch concept with Berlin Twist.



See for yourself what I have discovered!


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