Roamers – Brunching in Berlin Neukölln

First day back in Berlin and I started my exploration tour around the city with a good brunch. I had been given a few recommendations so I ventured into Neukölln, a borough characterised by having one of the highest percentage of immigrants in Berlin. But the area has changed since I was here last. I notice new little cafes and restaurants have popped up everywhere and the area is gentrifying.

I came across a number of really cool small cafes and coffee shops with English menus and English-speaking staff. Berlin is ‘internationalising’! Compared to a few years back when it was hard to go by without speaking any German, it is getting difficult now to go by without speaking any English.

It feels strange at first but I also know from living in London how much this enriches the area with new ideas, flavours, concepts and entrepreneurship. A few years back, Kreuzberg (another Berlin borough) launched an anti-tourist campaign. It was borderline funny considering it went completely pear shaped. Berliners were unhappy about the influx of ‘Easyjet’ visitors that take the mickey when coming to the city to party (some, not all!). So the Kreuzbergers came up with the ‘Berlin doesn’t love you’ stickers plastering traffic lights, lamp posts, bike racks, etc in the neighbourhood. Some bars also put up signs like ‘Sorry, no entry for hipsters from the U.S’!

Capture Capture3

But this did not quite work out as intended..tourists actually hunted those stickers down to take pictures and tourism continued to increase.

Anyway, so I find myself in Roamers ! A very cute cafe, which opened in January 2014. The menu is exclusively in English and also the waitress is looking at me with big eyes when I ask for her recommendation in German. The owner of this lovely cafe is Flore. Flore loved food & cooking and always wanted to open her own cafe, until she passed these vacant premises one day. The next day she quit her full-time job and went for it! Does this sound familiar to you? 🙂

The space is very small and filled with up cycled furniture and plants. I really really like it! Top to bottom windows allow for a lot of natural day light to enter the cafe. The menu does not have the typical ‘Berliner’ breakfast but offers a variety of delicious sourdough sandwiches such as with marinated goats cheese with fresh figs, hazelnuts and thyme. I can also choose between home-made granola and very simple scrambled eggs with different toppings. Of course avocado on sourdough, which seems to be a must-have nowadays, is not missing either.

I decide for the scrambled eggs as they ran out of figs… I look over to my neighbour’s plates (as I do) and they definitely went for the better option. That is what a call a double-decker sandwich! Wow


Double-Decker Sandwich with Goats Cheese, home-made Hummus and sun dried Tomatoes


My scrambled Eggs with Feta and Cherry Tomatoes


Sourdough Bread with Goats Cheese, Hazelnuts and Thyme















The atmosphere is very relaxed, some came with laptops, some hipsters catching up over a coffee and a few people who had to leave again as there was no more space. The interior is inspired by Flore’s travels to the U.S. If she had not said that, I would just claim it to be a very cute, rustic and naturally designed cafe, with bags of personality and charm. It definitely gives me a lot of inspiration for my Brunch concept in London!  🙂

20141111_110848 20141111_111555 20140422-153811-u 10419606_521331494662223_7673514931808265614_n









I can only recommend you to check it out when you are in Berlin but do not expect the ‘typical’ Berliner breakfast. But expect a lot of other delicious things! Just Enjoy! x

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