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Brunch Survey

I am in the process of finalising my business plan for BreadBox – an all-day brunch concept with a Berlin twist. More information to be revealed soon.

By completing the 17 questions, you will help BreadBox to get a better understanding of what you like and dislike when going out for brunch. This survey is anonymous and all information provided by you will be kept confidentially and used for internal purposes only (i.e. concept and menu design, feasibility, etc)


We appreciate you are taking the time to complete this survey.

Thank you so much.

Warm regards,
(BreadBox will be re-branded and re-named shortly 🙂 )

We will be launching Brunch pop ups early next year. If you would like to keep up to date on future events and on our progress, please follow BreadBox on:

Twitter: @BreadBoxSW
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BreadBoxSW

Baked Frittata with fresh Herbs and caramelised Onions

I love eggs for breakfast!

I woke up this morning super hungry…(as always) and I really wanted to try out my new mini skillet pan to make a Frittata.

Omelette vs Frittata? Unlike an omelette, where you fold in a filling, a Frittata mixes it all up, almost like a Spanish tortilla.

Similar to an omelette, Fritattas are great because you can put in everything and anything. I love cooking with whatever is in the fridge and believe me, my fridge does not look like the one from Nigella Lawson, who seems to have literally everything when she decides to cook up a midnight leftover feast!

Anyway, so there are a few things I always have in the house. Herbs! My assortment usually comprises flat leaf parsley from the market, fresh mint, rosemary and thyme from our garden and some home-grown basil. Eggs! I try to make sure I always have eggs in the house and this time I even have some duck eggs, which I bought from Borough Market yesterday for another egg recipe. Bread! My freezer is full of various breads. I went to Berlin recently for a few days and I brought back some nice Sonnenblumenkernbrot (sunflower seed bread) and Wurzelbrot (Root Bread). Other than that, I always have some pumpkin seed bread rolls from my German supermarket around the corner and some sourdough bread in the freezer. Cheese! I looooove cheese. I do not eat any melted cheese funnily enough! But not one day goes by without me having some very mature cheddar, goats cheese or similar. Last but not least Butter! My favourite is slightly salted French butter. I love the smell when cooking with it and some quality butter on a slice of fresh sourdough just makes my day!

Ok, enough of what I have in my cupboards. This morning I am making Frittata and I have some nice ingredients to go with it (recipe for one person):

One skillet Pan (16.5 x 3.1 cm)
3 free-range hen eggs or two duck eggs (eggs are a great source of protein, which makes up muscle tissue and which in turn helps to keep your body active, strong, and healthy)
1 clove of garlic (good for the heart and circulation)
1 small red onion (lovely sweet taste)
Half a teaspoon of Agave Honey (contains naturally occurring sugars, a healthier option than added sugars)
4 cherry tomatoes (good for heart and circulation)
5 pitted olives (green or kalamata, depending on your liking)
Mint and basil (both good for the digestive system)
Parsley (high in Vitamin C & Vitamin K, good for bone health)
Sea Salt and black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil to cook


Preheat your Grill to medium heat

Saute the finely sliced red onion, pressed garlic, honey and cherry tomatoes with some olive oil in a skillet pan over medium heat until the onions turn soft/caramelise and the tomatoes open up slightly

Add the eggs into the pan on medium heat, sprinkle the chopped herbs and olives on top and fry until the eggs starts to cook through around the edges of the pan


Then place the skillet pan into the oven until golden brown

Serve with some dark rye or sourdough bread and salted butter!

Enjoy! 🙂 x

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