Parissi – new cafe/bar in Brixton

A cute little cafe has opened recently in Brixton on Atlantic Road, a few steps down from the Kaff Bar. How convenient – so close to me!! 😉

I am meeting my friend Mak for an overdue catch up. Mak had been there before and she knows how much I like my cafes and food. So she suggests we check out this new place Parissi and as soon as we walk in I know this won’t be the last time I will be coming here. Spyros Parissis, the owner, was just making some coffees when we got in. The space is cosy and snug with some seating by the window (love window seats!!) and tucked away at the back of the room. A long table for a group of perhaps eight stood in front of the kitchen, which is separated from the main room by a little window opening.

The menu looks promising. There are some breakfast options including smoked salmon with a hard boiled egg and avocado for a reasonable £7.20 and I also see Shakshuka, an eggs-for-dinner dish, which has made it on most good brunch menus now in London. Again, the baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce topped with melted Pecorino cheese costs a very reasonable £6.80.

Further down the menu I see Mezze! As passionate grazers Mak and I go for their home-made baba ganoush with tahini paste and baked feta cheese with sourdough bread! Yummi! I order an infused peppermint tea and Mak has a pretty good coffee, with beans from Allpress Espresso made in a La Marzocco machine. Spyros clearly did his homework, considering those two brands are extremely popular with coffee shop owners at the moment. Sorry if this minor detail bores you but I have been doing a lot of research on coffee machines and coffee roaster/suppliers over the past few months and the choice of beans and machine says a lot about the quality of the coffee shop. So I am always on the look out! 😉

Anyway, so the food is lovely – really good baba ganoush! Parissi also has a nicely stocked bar inviting for a glass of wine or cocktails, which I would have definitely taken advantage of if Yoga was not waiting for me now…

Btw..I have heard the Brownies are pretty good too!! 😉 See you there!

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