Brünch is born!

As my all-day brunch concept and ideas progressed, I felt that the name BreadBox was not the right fit anymore. My idea had evolved so much over the past few months that I needed a new name.

After lots of sleepless night and brainstorming with friends and family over many glasses of wine I finally shortlisted a few options:

  • German Bird (kinda funny and I liked the associations with a free bird)
  • Eggcellent (bit cheesy?)
  • Brotzeit (English: Bread Time)
  • Kater (German for hangover but also refers to the male cat (hmpf!))
  • Morning Glory (cheeky!)
  • Brünch (German Umlaut and self-explanatory)

I put my ideas out for a vote. I walked around with pen and paper and I asked family, friends and strangers. It was quite interesting as opinions varied so so much. My German friends liked completely different things than my English-speaking friends. Pronunciation was always going to be a challenge as I wanted the new name to include a German element. The response to my survey was really really good. People liked my idea and they got quite excited about the name finding thing. Thanks god for that because I could not think straight anymore. I could not hear anymore whether it sounded good or bad. I had looked at it all way too much at that stage.  So after one month of back and forth, thinking and over thinking, I collected one last opinion from Andy, owner at Brixton East (my favourite venue of all!). And my friend Jamie was right. I had to make a decision and just go for it!

So I finally made up my mind…

Brünch was born!

I am feeling a sense of relief and satisfaction writing this. I love the name Brünch. This was the beginning of something amazing! For those of you who wonder what Brünch means – it is a made-up word deriving from the word ‘brunch’ (yes this was easy!). The Umlaut is giving it a German spin. You will often see me write Germany, when we cannot use ‘ü’ (on many occasions the Umlaut is not recognised) we spell it with ‘ue’. The Germanä’ for example would be spelled ‘ae’ and ‘ö’ would be ‘oe’ and so forth. There you go, a bit of grammar lesson right there. hehe

Now then! It was time to re-brand BreadBox! The next step was thinking of the branding – a new logo that was able to convey a clear message to all of you. I wanted Brünch to develop its own personality and not just be a weird looking name.

This time, I asked around my FB network if anyone knew of a professional designer who could help me. Turns out the boyfriend of a friend I studied with at University is having some spare time at the moment and was interested in helping me. Sweet!

Marcus, who is based in Brussels, agreed to work with me together on this. We had many Skype sessions in the last three months – brainstorming, discussing ideas and designing.

The whole design process was definitely a huge learning curve for me. Firstly, it is bloody expensive to get a professional to help you and although I got a massive discount it is not cheap! But after all, the brand is super important and I wanted that the logo tells its own story and has its own personality. Secondly, making design decisions and knowing what I wanted was super tough! I don’t want to blame it on the ‘women don’t know what they want’ thing’ but at times I was wondering why this all took so long. Sometimes his ideas and mine just did not match! In between I was getting slightly nervous about timings and I thought we will never get there. But Marcus and other designer friends of mine re-assured me that this is normal and can take time. I was relieved but still it took sooo long! As you can tell, patience is not one of my strengths. Well, this was definitely a good practice for me.

So after a lot of hard work, occasional arguments and long skype sessions we came up with a few logo design proposals:

u0-neu-d1-54c93c2afb8f4164ad6dbbcb7787cbb5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr F B u0-neu-d2-27a48e3446244e83989a052d4ecd47fe^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr E D

This time, I started an online survey and I asked friends and family to tell me what they thought of each of them. The response was great! 65 people participated – thank you all for sending me your comments! 🙂

My personal favourite were the simple fonts with strong icons, so basically the last three versions (but I did not like the Brezel..too stereotype!). Luckily I had the majority vote on my side. But it needed more touching up. It was not quite there yet.

So then there was Christmas and then there was NYE and Marcus was on holidays. Ahhhhh more waiting!!!!

When he finally got back we spent another week of trying out a few things here and there and then we were done!!!  We came up with a logo for Brünch!! YAY!!!! 🙂

Here it is! Fresh out of the press!


The next step is the website…stay up to date and follow Brünch on Twitter and Facebook.

A big thanks to all of you who have sat there with me over many glasses of wine discussing names and logo designs with me. Very grateful for all your suport! xx

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