Preparing to launch brünch – when London meets Berlin for brunch

Wow! Time has gone by so quickly now! It is already almost February – LAUNCHING brünch is imminent! I am pretty nervous I must admit but so excited!! 😉 I have been super busy preparing everything in the run up to my first test runs on the 8th and 9th of February! There is a lot to think of but I am truly loving it. Organising, tasting and sourcing food, networking and meeting new people, discovering new venues, and and and…it feels nice to make my ideas reality! I thought I share with you what how I went about it.

On my to-do list were:

Menu design & testing
Pop Up venue search
Legal stuff
Marketing Material

Menu design & testing

It took me at least two months to find a chef who shared my vision for Brünch. Carine from Inspiring Chefs put me in touch with Kirsty who also runs her own events catering business Eclectic Catering and who was a contestant of the Chanel 4 series The TasteKirsty and I got on straight away. We were both passionate about what we do and she loved my Berlin brunch idea and ethos. We met after our first meeting and we were full of ideas. One day, we started cooking and experimenting in her home kitchen. We are now meeting almost once a week to refine our ideas, think of presentation and where to source our ingredients from. With every pop up we are changing some of our suppliers to make each event unique. This will keep us and you on our toes! 🙂 I hope you will like what we come up with!

Pop Up Venue Search

In the beginning I was not quite sure how to get get the ball rolling. So I reached out to my foodie network. It did not take long until I was referred to Dan from London Pop Ups, who was super helpful and sent me lots of suggestions of what venues to contact. I also spoke to Jess and Liv from the GrubClub and the team at We are Pop Up and all were extremely helpful and friendly. Design my Night also showed interest and suddenly I had a good base to work with, which was very comforting.
From all the feedback I got, I prepared myself a list of venues that I wanted to visit. Since then I have been touring across London to meet with each and every one of them and oh my god! There is a real mix of stunning venues out there. It is very exciting to be working within different settings. I love the idea of collaborating and working together with different venues to make each event different from one another. Sometimes I just  walk into places that I like and turns out many are actually open for discussion straight away!
Here some impressions to get you excited! 😉

 20150105_111909 20150106_141935 20150106_154129
Legal stuff

I think I am bored already…As Geoff at Caithness & Co (experienced with pop up insurances) said in one of his first sentence to me ‘the world of insurance is really not exciting at all and I will not bore you with all the details and keep it short,…’ loved it! Thanks Geoff for keeping it short and not giving me the full blown sales pitch! So in terms of legal stuff there were a few things that I had to get done asap. I had to get my Food Hygiene Training Level 2 Certificate in order to be allowed to prepare and sell food. I also had to get my Personal Licence training in order to be allowed to serve you boozy brünches. 🙂 Additionally, I had to get my head around what insurances I needed. As I said, Geoff was an absolute star and he explained everything to me and sorted it all out within a day. RESULT!

Let’s move on to something a bit more fun – Decoration!

What is the look and feel of brünch going to be? I wanted brünch to remind a bit of Berlin. For me Berlin design is somewhat raw and rustic but warm and homely at the same time. It is about creativity, fun and a edginess (is that a word? computer says yes!). I wanted to create something that you all will recognise and associate with brünch regardless of the venue. I had some cool ideas and I walked around markets, visited antique and vintage shops and I approached some maker friends of mine if they could help. I eventually got in touch with the REmakery, who I knew through my work at the Lambeth Food Partnership and Transition Town Brixon!  I absolutely love what they are doing and in return of some volunteering time, I was able to host a Makersday at their facilities. Some drinks, nibbles, music and a full day of DIY to build some of the decoration ideas I had in mind.

Curious? Come and see for yourself!


Last but not least Marketing Material

As time was running and the situation with my logo designer turned sour (don’t ask me!), I decided to design my website myself. I worked on it for about a month and changed the design of it almost weekly until I was finally happy. I really enjoyed playing around with it but I was so nervous to hit the ‘publish’ button. Was the content ok? Did I say what I wanted to say? Did it look alright?…My friends were amazing and looked at every version to give me feedback and here it is – published this morning! 🙂

The lovely pictures of my food on my website have been taken by Bill! Bill was an amazing help in the last phases of the branding process. Turns out he is not only a great bread baker, he also knows his way around websites, marketing and he is a fantastic photographer with a passion for food. One Sunday, I cooked and he took pictures. My food never looked so good!!

18.1.15 (2 of 17) 18.1.15 (9 of 17)







If you want to get in touch with Bill regarding some photo shoots for your business, cook book or event, write an email to

Check it out! 🙂 Ah yes, brünch is also on Twitter now @bruench_popup



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