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Makersday, Soft launch and hiccups along the way

The soft launch was fast approaching and I had some ideas of how to decorate the venue to bring brünch alive. I had decided to organise a ‘Makersday’ at The REmakery where a few of my friends and I got together for a day to test our DIY skills, listen to some tunes and have some fun! What a day! It was amazing! We started at 11am and stayed until 4pm followed by a pint and boogie in Brixton. Such as great day and turns we as a collective had some pretty wicked ideas. See for yourself!













In the run up of my soft launch on the 8th and 9th of February, I was busy sourcing ingredients for brünch. I cruised around farmers markets, butchers and fishmongers. It was great to speak to the suppliers who are clearly passionate about their produce. I found what I was after right in front of my door step!

IMG_20150210_225550 My fish comes from Moxon’s fresh fish at Clapham South – ethically sourced fish from all around the British coast and Billingate market.

My suppliers vary but all my cheeses come from local artisan cheese makers from around the country. No need to import something that the UK does so well! The same goes for the meat! Most of my cold cuts come from local butchers including M. Moens & Sons in Clapham. It just makes such a difference when it comes to taste and they got German Pepper Salami! So good!

My bread comes from Kamps, a German bakery chain which has recently opened two shops in London! Happy Days! I have been buying my bread from them since I can remember as they had and still have a bakery just around the corner from where I grew up.

Brunch needs good eggs! I shopped around and Brixton farmers marked introduced me to Carlo from Orchard Eggs – a family run farm in East Sussex where small flocks of chickens can move throughout 60 acres of biodynamic orchard and eat 100% organic grain which is locally sourced. I was sold on these eggs! Carlo managed to also up-sell me the best pears I have ever tasted! Who can resist?!  am also trying out Clarence Court’s free-range organic eggs, which come from heritage bird breeds across the country and have a notable richer and denser yolk than others. I will see which ones my guests will like most.

Now then! One week to go till the soft launch of brünch. The guest list was finalised and everyone was excited. So it happened that one morning, four days before the launch, I got an email from Poppy’s Place in Fulham where I had planned to host my event. They informed me they had to close down! WHAT??That is what I call last minute! I guess hiccups were to be expected but this was slightly inconvenient I must admit. So I decided to believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I put into practise some of my newly acquired entrepreneurial skills to work out a Plan B. Plan B involved asking my housemates if I could host my launch event at our house. Luckily I am blessed with some pretty cool girls who agreed to my big ask. The disappointing thing in this whole situation was though that I had to cancel some of my guests as I could only fit 11 people round the table….not ideal and I am sorry.

So the day of the soft launch arrived. I was nervous but prepared. Kirsty, my chef at the time, helped me to make this event a success! It was a lot of fun and the feedback was super helpful. Feeling very grateful to have such fabulous and supportive friends!

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Now it is time! The proof is in the pudding! My first official pop up takes place on the 22nd of February! Ticket sales are out now. I even got a feature in About Time Magazine. I am excited and cannot wait!! :)))

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