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Why brünch and what is it about Berlin Breakfast?

I have been asked a few times now how I came about launching brünch and why Berlin breakfast? What is Berlin breakfast? 

Well,…since I can remember I have been passionate about food and in particular breakfast. I grew up in a culture where we celebrate sourdough, rye breads and Brötchen and where breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast in Berlin is kind of a big deal considering our vibrant nightlife culture, which makes us very hungry in the morning ;p I remember that every weekend we would have a long lazy breakfast at home or out in Berlin’s thriving cafe scene. What is in London the pub, is in Berlin the cafe – one after the other offering breakfasts, cakes, great coffee and the daily newspaper. We like to take it easy in the mornings. Forget the coffee to go – it’s sitting down with friends who bring more friends and easing into the day.




Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg – around the corner from where I grew up


Bergmannstrasse – Kreuzberg


























Getting together with friends and meeting new people is one of those little things in life that make me very happy. Food brings people together. 

in 2009 I moved to London. Full English breakfast, Eggs Benedict and Beans on Toast were on the menu. At that stage, Avocado on Toast has not quite made it onto London’s brunch menus yet and brunch in general was not very popular at the time. I struggled to find what I was after. I missed my Brötchen filled with as much cheese, ham, egg and garnish as I wanted. I am sorry, you might think well why did she come in the first place. Well,…I was in love and I looked for a new adventure. I am still on an adventure and London keeps on surprising me – I am fascinated by this city’s architecture, energy, music scene, arts, choice of things to do, ethnic diversity and eclectic mix of trendy hipsters meet the super rich and everything in between. I am happy here but I am a Berliner at heart and always will be.




















In the meantime, I went to Australia which sparked my passion for brunch even more. And I returned determined to start my own brunch cafe in London. I thought about the menu, the style, the design, staff, everything. It was so clear in my head I just had to bring it onto paper. And so I did. 

My passion for food grew and my ideas evolved to the point where I had to change course, leave my corporate job and do what I really wanted to do. A new chapter of my life has begun. But before I am ready to commit to permanent premises, I want to test my ideas, I want to play around with my concept and have some fun with it. 
Having spoken with some German friends we agreed, that there are hardly any German breakfast places in London. And given that I knew inside out what it takes to make a proper Berlin Breaky, I amended my brunch idea for my pop ups and I launched brünch in February – a roaming brunch pop up concept, which brings a little bit of Berlin to London. 
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food pic














I want to bring people together to ‘break bread’ and share an experience. 

brünch brings the best of Berlin brunch to London’s quirkiest venues, which I hand pick carefully.  I am taking a lot of inspiration from my memories of Berlin when I was still living there. I remember Berlin as a city that has this amazing ability to create something out of very little. We are probably the inefficient bubble of Germany, with little money and rough around the edges but we have a heart of Gold. We are very honest and proud of what we have. I remember how much personality and character my old home city has, full of history and stories. 

With brünch I want to capture some of that Berlin mentality and vibe and combine it with what is precious to me – a full Berlin breaky spread with hard-to-come-by Berlin drinks, mellow tunes, German breads and great company – ‘Ick bin ein Berliner’ 

In order to understand what Berlin Brunch means, come and join me for brünch. Check out my website when the next event is on. Would be great to see you.

I am currently working on some new ideas which I will tell you all about in due course. I can tell so much, it involves food and it going back down memory lane. Follow brünch on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date 🙂

Local Food Business Start Up Event – I am invited to speak :)

If you are living like me in Lambeth and you are interested in starting your own Food Business, then join me on 28th of April at the Impact Hub Brixton for an evening full of networking, local food & drinks and interesting stories from entrepreneurs like Papi’s Pickles, Drunken Diary and myself about what it means to start up your own business  – the good and the bad 😉


Want to be part of developing a healthier and more sustainable local food economy in Lambeth?

Interested in starting your own food business?

Involved in local enterprise networks?

Join us for the Lambeth Food Partnership’s second CREATE networking event where you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about starting your own food business, connect with local food entrepreneurs and find information about organisations offering support and advice to food start-ups.

The Lambeth Food Partnership launched CREATE in 2014, building on the success of the previous ‘So You Want to Start Your Own Food Business’ workshops in Brixton and West Norwood. CREATE is designed to support budding food entrepreneurs through a series of events covering everything from business planning to food safety, premises to sourcing ingredients. Thirty start-ups have completed the first year and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The LFP will be inviting applications for the second round from June.

As part of this event, attendees will have the opportunity hear from some of those who have benefitted from the programme, with presentations by:

Noemi Dulischewski – a passionate local foodie and founder of Brünch, a Berlin Brunch pop up concept which tours London’s quirkiest venues and supports local suppliers. It is Noemi’s goal to bring family, friends and strangers together to ‘break bread’ and enjoy each other’s company while experiencing a bit of Berlin in London. 

Chana Mani – co-founder of Papi’s Pickles, a family-run social enterprise. Papi’s Pickles cook authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan food, and fresh pickles, using the best seasonal, local and organic ingredients for events, pop ups and street food markets, while working with unemployed women from these communities.

Plus our special guest speaker:

Angela Wilkins, founder of Drunken Dairy – booze-infused ice creams and sorbets which are hand-made using only natural ingredients.

Angela decided to take the leap after attending one of Lambeth’s ‘So You Want to Start Your Own Food Business?’ workshops in West Norwood in 2013.  The company has since gone from strength to strength and now sells at markets and events across London, caters for corporate events, festivals, weddings and parties. Angela will be talking about her start-up journey, and offering insights and advice to other budding food entrepreneurs.

There will also be information available from organisations offering support and advice to local start-ups, plus catering by CREATE alumni and a selection of drinks.


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