Before you start reading my blog, I would like to say a few more words…

I would have not decided to follow my passion if I had not had the support of my family and friends, who encouraged me to ‘make my own luck’ and ‘stay true to myself’.

I would have not had the confidence to change my life in the way I did if I had not had people around me who believe in me and trust my capabilities to succeed in whatever I do.

I am grateful for that an important figure in my life at the time, made me understand that sometimes you need to take risks in order to find true happiness. Some find it, some do not but life is too short and beautiful to regret not having even tried.

And last but not least, I would have no taken the risk and left my secure job, if I had not had the financial stability.

And one more for the road:
No matter what happens, remember that you choose your life, life does not choose you.

Sincerely, Me x

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