Little insight into the recent Local Entrepreneur Forum – The Warm-Up

Transition Town Brixton (TTB) is working to support and incubate ‘Transition Enterprises’ from any sector, as part of the Transition REconomy Project. The REconomy Project is to foster a resilient, future-appropriate, independent local economy that supplies real needs of local people, builds connections, creates new local livelihoods and keeps wealth local.

On the 25th of November, TTB hosted the first of two warm-up events in the run up to the Local Entrepreneurs Forum (LEF) in May 2015, where local entrepreneurs will battle it out before a Community of Dragons (everyone!) to prove themselves worthy of investment and in-kind support from their community.

The first warm-up event was well attended by social entrepreneurs, community supporters and investors, all of who came together with one common goal – to create a new culture of Community Supported Local Enterprise.

The room was full of energy and everyone was willing to help one another. It is a fantastic feeling to be part of a community that wants to support each other in creating the change we want to see.

So far, there are seven transitional enterprises signed up to present their ideas at the LEF, including Bex, Community Activator on the Hub Brixton Team, whose idea is to create a ‘Library of Things’. Other ideas include an initiative around processing waste food by Ryan, providing quality work experience for school children by Joel, Ben and Emma as well as the Kitchen Table Projects, promoting artisan food producers, by Tara. Every idea serves, in one way or another, community needs, delivers social benefits and supports the environment.

Most eye opening for me were the very inspirational speeches by Duncan Law, who started Transition Town Brixton in 2007, and Peter Yeo of The Funding Network, who has supported the Local Entrepreneur Forum in Totnes for three years. I learnt that ‘Local people are not just customers. They can invest in the community in many other ways’. Investment does not always need to be money. An ‘investment’ can be encouraging words, a hug, expertise or a warm meal at the end of the day. All social enterprises presenting that evening were asked to ‘be imaginative in what you’re asking for’, which was fantastic and made everyone in the room think of how they can contribute.

I also really liked the fact that this event was not just a ‘box-standard’ networking occasion. On the contrary, it was very interactive. We all split into groups of five to eight people and exchanged ideas on how each of us can help someone else around the table. It was fantastic to observe that some of us who did not even think they had something to offer, were able to provide valuable advice, share contacts and even offer space. And it turned out that some of the transitional businesses can cooperate and help each other in realising their ideas. I realised that sharing your ideas and talking to others about them, is one of the most powerful tools in the business planning stage.

All in all, the event was really helpful and hugely inspiring.

I look forward to the next warm up event on the 24th of February from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Brixton Hub. I hope that we will see even more people attending the next event, building on the success of this event.

For more info, please join the LambethLEF Facebook Page, follow Transition Town Brixton on Twitter or write to

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